In today's life technology has become the main source of getting not only education but also for jobs.And when it comes to most things in life parents talk and kids listen and learn.But that theory goes out the window when it comes to ICT. But what is ICT actually?ICT stands for  Information and Communication Technology and refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It is similar to Information Technology (IT), but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones,and other communication mediums.

ICT4D:ICT4D can mean as dealing with disadvantaged populations anywhere in the world, but it is more seen with applications in developing countries

Child online protection and cyber security:-
Nowadays,In this area kids are out in front and parents are especially after a chase. While most parents are busy learning the full capability of ICT, and picking up tips from the kids along the way, their children are blogging and chatting online, using the web as a research tool and working on online projects.Their children are being more forward.Also because of this when any children will grow up they will no longer need the support of their parents,teachers or any people.We know technologies will always be developed.Children will know more about the technologies their mind will be more intelligent,brilliant and clever than that of today's world.They will be able to discover more scientific devices.With the help of ICT we can say that the future of the world will be more brighter.The world will be covered with technologies and there will be no such place that where there is no technology.But what should we do now to have these type of bright future.At first while conducting programmes which address children’s safe use of the internet it is therefore necessary to stay up to date as we make great effort constantly to make the experience of going online more safer and better.The children of today's era prefer more technologies than reading books.They are more irritate to read books.Their minds are diverted to devices like mobile,computer etc.So,if the children prefer these technologies why don't the people use these technologies to read and study.Internet can be the main source of getting information.If children get technologies to study their mind will not be diverted and the will be full concentrated towards their study.Also Over 90% of teachers felt that concentration in the classroom increased due to use of the visualizer/document camera.In the future those children will be able to develop the different devices like cleaning environment machines,those machines which can help the world free from deforestation and other natural calamities.            

But to do these there should be the online security for children.Many steps should be taken to protect children and young people from age inappropriate and illegal content and age inappropriate contacts with third parties.Like move your home computer to a central area,make browsing the Internet a family activity,visit Internet sites together,spend some time getting to know their online friends,make it easy for  your children to talk with you about their online activities. Let them know they can talk with you about things they might stumble upon online that worry them,software programs can help secure your Internet access at home by filtering websites and preventing spam.

ICT can change the world totally.But why is it not implemented? As we know that there are many countries with don't know about the technologies.With recent budget cuts,schools aren't investing in technology.Due to current budgetary and resource constraints, a widespread investment in ICTs in education is probably not possible in most developing countries.Also putting ICT tools in schools alone is not enough to get instructors’ and students’ attention to use technology for teaching and learning. A study by Zaho, et al (2002) shows that a supportive school environment is important for successful technology implementation. Support facilities are one of things needed for the effective implementation of technology in education. Leadership plays a key role in the implementation and integration ICT in education.Many teacher- or student - initiated ICT projects have been undermined by lack of support from above. Access to the internet is highly limited in remote areas, and relatively poor infrastructure in developing nations such as  supply of electricity makes this worse (Gulati 2008). Low infrastructure is the fundamental problem for developing countries to deal with and it might take a long time and huge funding to improve. Low literacy rates also hinder locals in remote areas from accessing information through the internet and due to the dominance of English on the internet, non-English speaking local people are isolated from the benefits of using internet.

If you teach ICT, or manage a school network, then you will know that building effective and reliable ICT solutions for education that support 21st Century educational initiatives is a demanding and skilled task. ICT should consider cost and effectiveness so that policy makers can properly select the most effective parts out of many areas such as building library, improving teacher’s quality and adopting distance learning.The measures like supplying computers and connectivity and building school computer labs,enabling instruction in computer programming and computer literacy,developing and disseminating new curricula in electronic format distance learning, and enabling better administration in the education sector, particularly through the development of education management information systems.

The people of today's era should know about the ICT and how it can the world.As we know that the main aim of ICT To help learners become competent, confident, responsible and critical users of ICT by making efficient, effective and creative,To encourage learners to develop the appropriate personal skills essential for independent lifelong learning through ICT,To enable learners to take control of their own learning.And we can only do this when we share our ideas with each other,help each other.And we should remember that 'Everything is okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end'.So to have a bright end then we should share our ideas about ICT and implement it.
                                                                                                                     -Arjun Poudel


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